I offer educational experiences where you and your team can learn more about the brain and what neuroscience tells us about performance and change. I’d love to learn more about your specific interests and needs and discuss the best topic approach.

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Corporate workshops

Stress in the workplace

  • What is stress?
  • How does it affect the brain and performance?
  • What does science say about methods to reduce stress?

From this information the group will be supported in reflecting on how stress is manifested in their own workplace, potential ways to mitigate this and the creation of ideas and plans on how to test these solutions.

Behaviour change and its challenges

  • How does the brain change?
  • What does this mean for behaviour change
  • What does science say about methods to impact behaviour change?

From this information the group will be supported in reflecting on which behaviours are present in their own workplace, how they affect performance and well-being in a positive or negative direction and creating ideas and plans for implementing solutions.

Public speaking

I speak at events and private companies to help leadership understand how we can leverage our understanding of the brain to impact employee well-being and performance. Below are a couple non exhaustive topics I can cover.

Brain development and its effect on life experience and personal performance.

The brain is developed according to a genetic blueprint and thereafter shaped by our personal experiences and actions through life. This has a significant impact on how we function and experience our day to day. Understanding the fundamentals of brain development, personality traits and brain plasticity prepares us to further reflect on our own behaviours, triggers and methods to impact change in a positive direction.

Present moment awareness and mental skills from a neuroscientific perspective

There is a lot of information out there about mindfulness, but what is it really? And what are the methods, effects and implications of it? In this talk I adress the neuroscientific basis as we know it of present moment awareness, focused attention and compassion from a neuroscientific perspective to provide an understanding of how this can be applied for both the individual and corporate organisations.