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Episode 18: The human experience – Nurturing the collaborative mind – with Kina Liungman

Episode 18 The human experience: Nurturing the collaborative mind – with Kina Liungman

We spend a large part of our time in the workplace and our colleagues make up an important part of our social connections. Still, how intentional are we as individuals or organisations as a whole about nurturing our presence in the workplace? How are high-performing teams created? What is psychological safety in organisations? What are core competencies for an efficient leadership? And how does simply allowing yourself and others to be human create change?

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Guest presentation

Kina Liungman is a professional coach and leadership developer whose presence fills the room with energy. She has both a deep understanding and an unending interest in personal development and growth. She is an inspiring speaker and a compassionate coach, with the ability to see past the noise to how human interactions are affecting the workplace.

Main topic notes

  • What is one of the most common human behaviours you encounter when working with psychological safety? [01:40]
  • The integrated model of group development and the four phases of team performance [02:53]
  • The negative effects of a high-turnover rate of employees [05:00]
  • The concept of psychological safety [06:48]
  • High performing teams and failure [07:48]
  • Interpersonal trust in a team [10:17]
  • The Johari window and value of vulnerability [14:39]
  • Building trust [18:51]
  • Interpersonal connection [20:01]
  • Self-esteem and leadership [24:51]
  • Clear communication and accountability [26:45]
  • Unclear expectations in the workplace [29:52]
  • Compassion in group dynamics [36:50]

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