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Episode 16: The human experience – with Shani Persson

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Episode 16 The human experience: Falling in love with the impact – with Shani Persson

Being human is not being an island. We live, laugh and work in group most of the time. But being part of a group affects how we perceive things, how we react and how we feel. In a group you need to understand more than just yourself, you need to understand the dynamics of several people interacting. So when you’re interacting towards a common goal, like in the workplace……what…. about the human experience do we need to understand to succeed? What can come from shifting your perspective? What is the impact of seeing change as a habit instead of an end goal? And what can we learn if we just become a bit more….curious?

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Guest presentation

Shani Persson has extensive experience of working with teams and supporting companies in creating positive human experiences at work. She has a deep interest in human development, creating culture, thriving in the workplace and just plain happy living. She is by nature a kind spirit, a driven person and an avid thinker. Her reflections are sometimes all over the place, often deep and insightful and always interesting.

Main topic notes

  • The importance of finding our social context at work [01:20]
  • The value of new perspectives [03:40]
  • Bringing your authentic self to the workplace [05:25]
  • Feeling connected to every layer of context in the workplace [07:45]
  • Active listening [11:30]
  • Fall in love with the impact not the solution [16:50]
  • When our self esteem narrows our perspective [18:20]
  • Co-creation [20:00]
  • Building on competition to achieve progress [23:27]
  • Change as a habit [28:00]
  • Adapting to change [30:55]
  • Letting the end goal be malleable [33:08]
  • Considering our current circumstances [34:10]
  • Helping our children (and ourselves) deal with expectations [38:44]
  • The magic of asking questions [42:42]

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