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Episode 15: The human experience – with Sanad O Karkar

By November 1, 2022No Comments

Episode 15 The human experience: Catching up with change – with Sanad O Karkar

Sanad O Karkar is the seasonal bird with a law degree and an impressive track record as repeat entrepreneur. He has launched several successful projects in the past and is currently the founder and CEO of zero-code, the ultimate NFT launch pad designed for brands. Here we sit down and talk about the future and how the human experience is going to change and merge with our digital presence. What is the next phase of our online existence? And how will it affect how we live, interact and experience this world?

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Main topic notes

  • Web 3, the metaverse and NFTs [01.39]
  • How this new digital future is received [05.55]
  • Entering virtual reality [08.16]
  • Is a virtual world more lonely or more connected? [09.42]
  • The good and evil of social media [11.20]
  • The psychology of the user [13.40]
  • Fear of change [15.44]
  • The challenges within web 3 and decentralization [17.58]
  • The possibilities in decentralization [19.02]
  • Web 3 communities [20.56]
  • Community led reinforcement of beliefs [23.33]
  • The importance of awareness [26.05]
  • Children and the digital world [30.22]
  • How to regulate and finding ways to thrive [33.28]
  • The importance of rational thinking [39.04]
  • Focusing in a short attention span world [42.12]
  • Developing our minds at pace with the shift in reality [46.41]
  • The new reality of interaction in web 3 communities [52.11]
  • Counteracting polarization with prosociality [55.00]
  • Catching up with change [58.10]
  • “Rugged projects” and dealing with increasing demands [59.43]

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