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Episode 13: The human experience – with Axel Wennhall

By September 11, 2022September 12th, 2022No Comments

Episode 13 The human experience: Living life to it’s full extent – with Axel Wennhall

Axel is the PR consultant turned meditation coach and to get there he had to make his own inner journey of the mind. Through ups and downs of daily life he learned that there can be peace in just accepting things as they are and that life lived in the present moment has a richer texture to it.In this very first episode of the series “The Human Experience” we talk about just that, being human, life’s struggles and joys. And meditation. Why do we struggle with ourselves and with accepting reality as is? What can present moment awareness teach us? And how can we reach it?

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Main topic notes

  • How we struggle within our own minds [02:37]
  • The bittersweet texture of love [04:36]
  • Being present in the moment [06:05]
  • Allowing everything to be the way it is [07:57]
  • Meditation as a tool to prepare for difficult moments [11:28]
  • Being rather than only doing [15:20]
  • Learning to become yourself [17:25]
  • Identifying with subpersonalities [20:54]
  • Living life less in resistance [27:09]
  • Allowing our feelings to be [32:18]
  • Acceptance and drive for progress [34:26]
  • A silent knowing [39:18]

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