Your brain was built to change. 

When you understand the brain, you see the possibilities.

A journey into the brain

The more you learn about a topic the better your understanding of it becomes. And when you understand how things fit together you can use this to draw conclusions when presented with new information.

The fact that the brain is shaped by both genetics and our experiences means that everyone has a slightly different brain. 

I want to give people enough information about the functions of brain so they can reflect on themselves, seek more information and come up with their own ideas for change to test out.

There is so much happening in neuroscience today and even though the brain is in large part still a mystery to us we increase our understanding of it every day. But science can be difficult to understand, especially on such a complex topic as the brain. I want to be a bridge making this knowledge more widely available and understandable.

About Me

Hi! My name is Maria and I love the brain. I always have. So I became a neurologist studying every different aspect of the brain’s function in both health and disease.

With more than 10 years of experience in neurology and two years as a research physician in cognitive medicine my fascination with the brain and neuroscience has only increased.

Along the way I noticed how much I enjoyed educating on the topic, both my patients and others around me. By making the workings of the brain understandable people become better equipped to make decisions for themselves.

Brain Observation is separate from my work as a neurologist. It is meant to be educational and promote curiosity and further knowledge seeking about the brain.

I do not adress medical aspects of the brain such as diseases, divergence or treatments. These aspects are very serious and personal and it is important that people seek individualised advice with a licensed professional. I will therefore not answer questions or offer guidance on these topics. There is a lot of great educational material on brain health from national health institutes and medical providers.