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Your brain was built to change.

  • Learn more about how the brain and the mind actually works
  • Find ways to understand your life experience better
  • Move towards greater self-compassion and happiness
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A journey into your brain

When you understand yourself better it is easier to find what makes you as an individual thrive and feel joy. When you understand the mind better it is easier to find peace. When you understand the brain better you see the possibilities.

Brain Observations is the podcast that brings you the latest research, interesting insights and deep discussions on brain health, cultivating the mind and psychological well-being. Today we understand more and more how psychological well-being is something other than the absence of negative emotions. Neuroscientific research is constantly expanding but it can be tricky to know where to find information and how to interpret it. With this podcast I try to make this knowledge more widely available and understandable.

About Me

Hi! I’m Maria Sundell, a clinical neurologist working in cognitive medicine in Stockholm, Sweden. I have a deep interest in understanding the human experience and the mind and the more I learned about the brain through my training in neurology the more fascinated I became. But healthcare is largely focused on the brain when something goes wrong and I wanted to learn more about what a truly healthy, happy brain looks like. So, I set out to find some of the most knowledgeable people out there to find out which factors contribute to a truly healthy, happy life, and why.

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